Top Rated Advanced Elements Kayaks


Beginning well over a decade ago with the introduction of the world's first truly Hybrid Inflatable Kayak, Advanced Elements have developed and patented designs that have evolved the way that inflatable kayaks perform on the water. Our line of kayaks feature many innovations that deliver the best in durability, portability, and performance. Here’s our top three favourite!


Advanced Frame Kayak

The Advanced frame kayak is the perfect kayak for majority of Canadian waters. This kayak has aluminum ribs to create a very rigid ride and superior tracking. The ribs also increase the speed of the kayak. At a weight capacity of 300 LBS we find this unit accommodates most paddlers! We have tested this kayak on open ocean and lakes. We find it suitable for both. It actually rivals some of the rigid kayaks we have come across which is awesome! The kayak can be set up and fully inflated in under 5 minutes and deflated just as quickly. The instructions to pack the kayak up are very straight forward and are easy for even the newest paddlers. The unit comes in at a fantastic price point as well, which is always a plus! All in all this is our favorite kayak from the Summer of 2018!

Ultralite Kayak

When it comes to the Ultralite – all we can say is bravo. Advanced Elements has been able to take the performance of their aluminum rib and put it into a fully inflatable kayak that weighs 17LBs. This kayak performs beautifully on Lake and inlets, and allows for paddlers to hike lakes, and portage! The bag comes with backpack straps to allow for easy transportation wherever that may be. We also found that lots of paddlers who simply cannot handle a full-size kayak, or even a 25LB inflatable, were able to use this kayak. Which is great as we want everyone who wants to paddle, to be able to. Long story short, this kayak is great for those who want a very light weight option. Advanced elements out did themselves again!

Advanced Frame Convertible

The Paddle Lifestyle team loves the Convertible model. It allows a rider to either pack a lot of cargo and go the distance, or pack in a friend and go for an adventure. With the same technology used to forge the advanced frame, we find this kayak to outperform most 15’ inflatable kayaks on the market. With a weight capacity of 550lbs we find the options endless in terms of paddling. You have the option to use a single or double deck conversion kit, even add spray skirts to allow for some serious paddling! This main reason why we love this kayak is that is allows for so many different types of riding, and nowadays versatility is everything!


At the end of the day, we love all the products advanced elements carries or else we wouldn’t want you to ride them!


We found that this year, these 3 kayaks really stood out to our customers. There are so many we did not mention and will begin reviewing more soon.

If you do have any questions or concerns always feel free to reach out to or please call us at +1 888-606-2737

Dave Deibert