Inflatable Paddleboard/Kayak Storage


In some areas of Canada we are starting to feel a bit of a colder breeze in the mornings, sadly summer is coming to an end, but The Paddle Lifestyle team always looks forward to a beautiful Fall! Now we have a lot of people asking us how to properly store your board in the winter time. Feel free to take a look at the tips below.



  1. We always recommend storing your board/kayak inside if possible, the glues used on 99.9% of ISUPs are not meant for freezing temperature, and if left in very cold weather, could end up damaging your board.

  2. It may seem like a no brainer, but always make sure your board/kayak is 100% dry before storing it for winter (or even a couple days!). When there is moisture stuck on parts of the board, or the deck pad is still wet, there can be a growth of mold, which no body likes! We like to take our demo models out of the bags and let them lay out in the warm indoor air for a bit to make sure they are good to be stored!

  3. We also recommend making sure there is no sand or other debris in or around your valve. This isn’t just for winter storage, but should be practiced for all Inflatable Paddleboards, all the time. The 1 way valve will not last as long if it is always full of debris.


Above should cover most of the basics, but if you have a special request or question please reach out to the team for some advice!


Now, even though it is cooling down, there is still LOTS of paddling left in most areas of Canada, and because of that we are going to offer an end of season deal on all of our boards!

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Dave Deibert