Summers Not Over

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The Paddle Lifestyle team wants to first thank you for supporting our quickly growing business. It's been an incredible year and we can't wait to move forward from here. We will continue to consistently work on updating you with relevant SUP and Kayak info!


We have had such a great time working with so many different people in the industry on how to create the best possible Inflatable SUP/Kayak Store for Canadians who simply just want to get on the water and avoid all the drama that can come along with other purchases. We just want to get you the best board at the best price, shipped free to your door in a timely manner. Pretty simple right? We also like to throw in free gifts to our lucky customers on a totally random basis, some win a free leash, some a hat. We don’t pick favorites, but its always fun to open a package and get something you never expected. Its like Christmas all over again.

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The team has also been repping our own gear pretty hard this year! With such a beautiful place to have our headquarters (Kelowna, BC) it is really hard to stay inside on any given day, therefore we make our way to the local lakes, streams, and rivers. All in all, being able to provide Canada with the best inflatable SUP and Kayaks and being able to ride them in our spare time is a pretty sweet gig. Below are some photos of our local spots!

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As we are trying to soak up as much sun as possible this summer, we feel like time goes by to fast. This leaves us with no choice but to hook up our followers with a sick deal!

Anyone reading this blog can use the coupon code below to receive 20% there purchase on any POP or Coral Sea boards for the next 2 weeks! Instead of waiting till next year, take the deal and get on the water!

Dave Deibert